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Kiosk/Multimedia Panel PC

NEXCOM Kiosk Panel PC is a multi-functional and powerful solution for various markets from health care, gaming and industrial applications, featuring high performance, green technology and OEM/ODM reliability. Beside Kiosk Panel PC, NEXCOM also provides Multimedia Panel PC for digital signage players, self-service and kiosk applications, featuring built-in dual Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi module and the slimmest x86 based touch terminal.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset LCD/ Touch COM/ USB/ VGA/ CD/
7e0a25e0-f068-43b0-ac78-1ba455dd8ac8 MPPC 2120T Atom™ D525 Intel® ICH8M 21.5" Full HD/R 5-Wire 2/ 4/ 0/ 0/ 2/ 0/ 2
6cd28252-8869-4451-8690-33c1a7d10965 MPPC 3220T Atom™ D525 Intel® ICH8M 32" Full HD/SAW 2/ 4/ 0/ 0/2/ 0/ 2
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